amazonite samskara choker | 14k gold filled

amazonite samskara choker | 14k gold filled

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amazonite ~ truth, communication, harmony

Striking bead chain meets vibrant energetic gemstones. Wear individually or layer with additional necklaces for a soulful spark of practical magic.

A stone of truth and communication, this Amazonite necklace was designed to support you in living harmoniously in your highest expression. It was mindfully handmade and infused with good energy throughout its creation.

These tiny repeating gemstones bring to mind the concept of "Samskara". Samskara can be translated from Sanskrit as repetition or pattern. It is any process we apply for continual refinement. What are you refining?

  • Amazonite beads
  • Labradorite accent beads
  • 14k gold filled chain
  • 14k gold fill wire

Handmade with love and attention to detail.