Spirit of Verdante

spirit of verdante

Verdante Studio is a high vibe jewelry company inspired by yoga, travel, and authentic connection.

Verdante was created by and for cosmic souls, dreamers, artists, adventurers, light bringers and growth seekers.

The name Verdante comes from a rhythmic book of poetry written by my Great Aunt Mim called Messages from Verdante. Verdante is a place of self actualization -  of living your best life in the most authentic way possible. 

I hope that you find something (tangible or intangible) that speaks to you here - to help manifest your authentic intentions and shine your light in the world, from small goals to soul goals, and the journey between.

Verdante Studio Founder and Designer Katherine Lee Rose


soulful products

I believe in soulful products made from carefully selected, high quality materials that are crafted with care and made to last. Every piece is made with intention, and I handpick gemstones that speak to me through their appearance, energetic qualities, and extra spark of je ne sais quoi. My goal is to create pieces that are beautiful, meaningful and resilient.

I love working in gold fill, a higher quality alternative to gold plating. It is easy to wear, friendly to skin, durable and rarely tarnishes. You can flow with it from a sweaty yoga class to the shower and a night out without worries about the color fading over time. I am passionate about designing in gold fill whenever possible for its high quality and accessible price point compared to pure gold. 

My pieces are designed to layer and stack and are available in a range of lengths and sizes.


my tribe

I have an incredible team in Texas helping to keep Verdante Studio running and shipping (thanks Mom and soul fam!) while I’m jet setting across the globe.

If you’re in Dallas, you can find find my pieces in my Dallas yoga homes, The Refuge Dallas and Deep Ellum Yoga.



BIG love,