Materials & Care

I believe in soulful products made from carefully selected, high quality materials that are crafted with care and made to last. Every piece is made with intention, and I handpick gemstones that speak to me through their appearance, energetic qualities, and extra spark of je ne sais quoi. My goal is to create pieces that are beautiful, meaningful and resilient.


I am passionate about using 14k gold filled materials when designing gold jewelry for its high quality, durability and accessible price point compared to pure gold. 

Gold filled means that a layer of gold is pressure-bonded to another metal, rather than electroplated with a very thin layer of gold, as gold plated is. Gold filled contains 100x more gold than gold plated, and does not rub off or turn colors the way electroplated gold does. This layer of gold keeps your jewelry looking great.

It is easy to wear, friendly to skin, durable and tarnish resistant. You can flow with it from a sweaty yoga class to the shower and a night out without worries about the color fading over time.