Photo by Eunice Crespo @ec1photo

pyrite Y necklace

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pyrite ~ healing, harmony, balance, abundance

Pyrite is a powerfully healing stone made up of both fire and earth elements. It is sometimes referred to as "healer's gold", and supports the grounding of high frequency energies in the body. Pyrite helps us align with our power, and is associated with the 3rd chakra of identity and willpower.

This necklace is designed to lay just below the base of the neck, and pairs beautifully with samskara chokers or short karma drop necklaces.

  • handmade
  • 14k gold filled chain
  • 14k gold fill wire

Handmade with love and attention to detail ~ due to the handmade nature of this necklace and natural stone variation, the final product you receive may vary slightly from the image provided.

The garnet karma drop necklace is sold separately and available here.